Hear what our attendees had to say about their experiences at the HCSA Procurement Development Programme (PDP).

On Monday 3rd October, five of our colleagues made their way down to Nottingham's stunning Eastwood Hall, where they were going to be spending the next five days taking part in the HCSA Procurement Development Programme (PDP). 


The programme brings together procurement professionals from NHS Trusts across the country to provide insights into how the procurement function works in other NHS trusts across the UK.


Here is what some of our team had to say:

Lukas Hughes

"One of the main things that I enjoyed during the week was a session on insights into peoples’ personality and preferences, this was underpinned by personality theory from a Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in which there was four distinct energies exhibited by different people. Prior to the course, we had to fill out an insights preference evaluator which included different scenarios at work and how you would approach them. In the session we received our individual results, my result was a “blue energy” from the four different energies, which made sense to me as I focus on being logical and analytical in the way that I approach work. Also, the week gave me more insights into the tender process within a public setting and I am looking forward to putting this into practise."


Katie Woods

Networking with procurement professionals from around the country and listening to some great speakers on topics such as negotiation, contract management, the power of data, contract law and many more was excellent. It was a brilliant experience, coming away from the week with new connections and enhanced knowledge to excel my procurement career within the NHS


Something we should all be proud of

 On Wednesday 21st September, we were present at the CIPS Excellence in Procurement Awards and unfortunately, we didn't win in either of the two categories we were nominated in, losing out to two very well-deserved winners.

The Awards

The CIPS Awards are usually a very tough awards to get shortlisted in - let alone win - and the fact that we were finalists in two different categories is testament to the incredible talents we are lucky to have at the LPC. Being nominated alongside huge national and global corporations is a very big achievement and something we should all be proud of.

The Winners

Now, let's talk about the eventual winners. Up first was the category of Best Practice in Supply Chain Integration and the winners were MTN Group for their 'Digitizing Supply Chain Ecosystem' submission. Click here to read all about their incredible work to drive business efficiencies.

Next, in the category of Outstanding People Development Programme the winners were Lloyds Banking Group, for a unique skill uplift programme they conceived to upskill hundreds of staff members. Click here to read all about their winning submission.

Huge congratulations to Lloyds Banking Group, MTN Group and every winner on the night for some of their excellent work. It was most definitely a great evening and one that we will hope to be winners at in the future!


CEO of NHS Supply Chain visits LPC site. 


Andrew New, CEO of NHS Supply Chain, visited Royal Blackburn Hospital on Thursday 8th September 2022 where he was met by representatives from the LPC's Procurement and Logistics and Supply Chain departments.

There were open discussions throughout the day while going through the agenda and one thing that was apparent was Andrew New’s knowledge and understanding of our current strategy and future goals. But what was really refreshing was Andrew’s open and honest answers to the questions that were raised throughout the day.

Andrew left the audience feeling excited about the future collaboration with NHS Supply Chain. We know that some of these will take some time to come to fruition but with the upcoming closure of Runcorn to Gorsey Point, which is three times the size of Runcorn, it will definitely bring some needed benefits to our region. This site will also be managed by Blue Yonder (warehouse management system) which will enable better interaction for our end users using NHS Supply Chain.

Andrew took time to see the outstanding work that has already took place in the Theatres at Blackburn. Visiting the main theatre store, to see Ingenica and our Scan 4 Safety programme in action. In particular embracing the model of releasing clinical time back to patient care and very interested in how he could help push this further.

We offered our services to do some future collaborative working with NHS Supply Chain. With the hard work that has been done throughout the hospital sites this puts us in a good position to work with NHS Supply Chain for them and us to achieve our future goals. A number of projects were discussed that would benefit our sites which we look forward to participating in with Andrew's team. Most notably we discussed further integration between our existing stock management system and Blue Yonder to bring about numerous ordering efficiencies, the potential to look at NHS Supply chain involvement in Consignment stock and loan kits and an innovative approach to Blue Diamond order management which could significantly reduce product lead times.

To sum up the visit of Andrew New was very positive, and we look forward to our continued working relationship with NHS Supply Chain.

Everybody at Lancashire Procurement Cluster would like to congratulate Kevin McGee, Chief Executive of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals on being awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to the NHS.

A familiar and well respected figure both within the Lancashire health and care system, and the wider North West region,  Kevin was until September 2021 the joint CEO of East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Kevin is also Chief Executive for the Provider Collaborative of Lancashire and South Cumbria, which helps to plan, deliver and transform local services. He has had an extensive NHS career, with over 20 years’ experience working at a leadership level; with a specific background in finance and significant expertise in developing integrated working across health and care systems.

Speaking about his OBE, Kevin McGee, said: “It’s a huge honour to have received the Order of the British Empire and to be named alongside so many inspiring individuals, many of whom work for the NHS.

“I’m very privileged to have had a varied and extensive career within the health care system, but the biggest reward is being able to work with so many amazing staff and partners who are dedicated to ensuring that we provide the very best health care services for the local populations of Lancashire and South Cumbria particularly during this pandemic.”

Professor Ebrahim Adia, Chairman at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “On behalf of everyone at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate Kevin on receiving an OBE – this is a significant achievement and thoroughly deserved.

“Kevin has been and continues to be an exemplary health care leader, and I would like to thank him for all he has done to improve the health care system across Lancashire to benefit our local communities.”


Dr Jim Gardner, Medical Director at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals has underlined the importance for all eligible adults to get the Covid booster vaccination to best protect themselves and the NHS from the threat of the Omicron strain. Dr Jim explains that the booster is the most effective protection, and also asks that anyone who has not started the vaccination programme, that it is never too late to join the fight.


He said: “The worry of course is the new Omicron variant and the main concerns about Omicron are its ability to spread very very quickly probably more quickly than the other strains and also a question mark about just how effective the first vaccination program has been against it.

“What we know about the vaccination program is the booster is incredibly helpful if immunity is starting to wane. So now for any adult over three months since their main course it’s possible to get a booster and that boosts the immune response to Covid generally and will improve both immune response to Covid and also reduce though not eliminate transmissibility.”

We are delighted to see that the Nightingale Surge Hub at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals is now fully operational having welcomed its first patients at the end of January 2022. 

Initially 30 beds will be utilised at this facility with more to come online. This marks an amazing achievement by colleagues across the Lancashire Procurement Cluster's (LPC) Procurement and Logistics & Supply Chain departments - whose commitment and desire to meet the project's deadline meant that despite the disruption of Christmas and New Year celebrations, there were no delays in delivering this crucial project. 

surge 3.jpg

The Procurement team had the task of procuring the required equipment within a limited time, as well as completing all the due diligence processes, ensuring that the project was not delayed. Meanwhile our Materials Management team based at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals were on hand with logistics support and ensuring that the equipment was delivered on time and installed with Ingenica inventory management systems.

Although nationally pressures have eased recently, the NHS and care services across Lancashire and South Cumbria has continued to see sustained levels of pressure, with high levels of bed occupancy, from the impact Omicron has had on hospital admissions in recent weeks, high staff absences due to Covid-19, and high demand for services as a result of annual winter pressures, all coming together to create a very challenging situation. 


Shoutout to Kevin Fletcher, Simon Bennett, Neil Parkinson, Helen Charnley, Deborah Watson, Jake Treacy and Julie Gelder for the gallant effort throughout this project.


Dear all, 

I couldn’t possibly start this any other way than to talk about the Royal Visit to Clitheroe Community Hospital yesterday, which I know without question will be a highlight of this year for the Trust (and I say this knowing it is only January). 

To meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was an honour and a privilege and I was so proud to be able to introduce them to colleagues and patients who work in and around the hospital. 


I want to thank them for taking the time to call in on us and also every single person who was involved in the meticulous planning and preparation an engagement of this magnitude requires.  

I know the photographs and news coverage captured the uplifting spirit and genuine joy of the afternoon perfectly – but make no mistake there was a huge and detailed amount of work that went on behind the scenes in advance. 

In particular, I want to mention Catriona Logan, Jane Pemberton, Dr Vanessa Warren and Rachel Walton from the Community Integrated Care (CIC) division for the effort they put into making it the brilliant event that it was but also the personal pride and attention they provided to every detail.  

They considered everything, thought of everything and fixed everything in a very short space of time – and the result could not have been any better, in any way. 

The initial invitation was something developed by Denise Gee, who manages the Trust’s charity ELHT&ME, through her connection with the national charity NHS Charities Together (NHSCT) who were beneficiaries of the money raised by the late Captain Tom. Denise is chair of the North West committee and has been instrumental in identifying very large grants for the Trust from the charity and in ultimately bringing Their Royal Highnesses to Clitheroe.  

I know the team were (of course) excited to meet the Royal couple themselves, but the number one objective, from the start, was to put colleague across ELHT front and centre and make sure it was about them. I was part of the initial discussion and it was clear this event would provide a really big morale boost across all settings and services - and we really weren’t wrong. 

Between those that organised, to the brave colleagues who sat around the table with the Duke and Duchess to talk about the impact the pandemic has had on their health and wellbeing, to the team supporting the fabulous patient Bill Taylor – who charmed the Royal couple with stories about his life and care – the visit was a perfect reflection of the Trust, everyone in it and everything we do around here. 

Using computer systems and following governance processes can be tough at any level, within any scale of organisation. This is why training is a very important element of learning how to use a new system and following new processes, especially at an organisation that operates on the scale that the NHS does.

Recently, members of the Lancashire Procurement Cluster (LPC) delivered vital training, over 38 sessions, to more than 730 staff members at Blackpool Teaching Hospital – as part of a mandate that will be implemented across all three of the Trusts that the LPC serves.

 The training was around Standing Financial Instructions (SFI) Governance & Compliance and Purchase 2 Pay guidelines. There was also some physical training given on systems, too. The training program has been designed to help the NHS get the highest quality of product for the best value and achieve the timely delivery of goods and services for the care of patients.

The importance of giving such training was highlighted by Mike Doyle, Deputy Director of the LPC, who said, “working with our colleagues across all three of our Trusts on these types of training programs is very important. When we are responsible for using public money, we have to ensure those using it are trained on their decision-making on when to use it. We were able to make a successful start with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals and hope to deliver the same training to our other two Trusts, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and East Lancashire Hospitals by early 2022.”

Joan Grant, Corporate Reporting Accountant and Deputy FSD Lead for Blackpool Teaching Hospital, was particularly impressed by the delivery of the training as well as the responsiveness of the LPC trainers in implementing changes that were recommended by some of the Trust’s staff.

She said: - “the whole training delivery by the team from the LPC was outstanding. I’d like to shine a light on the following individuals; Kevin Fletcher, Dave Harris, Cathy Pickles, Matthew Roche, Cameron Winters and Holly Roper – they all played a key part in successfully delivering the training. To have training delivered by such talented individuals makes staff more confident in putting all of their learning into action.”

As an organisation that is truly committed to providing the best level of service, it is a great testament of our ability to identify what our customer needs and delivering above and beyond what we initially promised them.

The praise from Joan doesn’t just end there. She kindly supplied detailed feedback on all of the LPC colleagues mentioned above.

Dave Harris, Head of Service – Logistics & Supply Chain

“Dave is my go-to guru for anything, and he has been instrumental in setting up a lot for us. His IT knowledge is simply incredible and he always asks questions that we may not think about. It’s great to work with someone who is so supportive and approachable.”

Kevin Fletcher, Head of Service – Procurement

“Kevin is just brilliant and great to work with. He is very approachable and his knowledge of procurement is second-to-none. Discussions with Kevin are very easy and from the outset, he has backed the forming of a comprehensive training programme.”

Cathy Pickles, Senior Procurement Manager – Procurement

“Cathy covered for Kevin at times and she impressed us all. Her presentation style was amazing - she presented everything with such clarity and used real-life examples, which allowed the team to relate a lot with what she was explaining. Cathy is my role model for delivering presentations!”

Holly Roper, Senior Buyer – Procurement

Holly is an absolute star with good interpersonal skills, which means people like her. She was very helpful and supportive in giving feedback for what information should be included in the training.”

Matthew Roche, Buyer – Procurement

“Matthew was very helpful in dealing with purchase order enquiries as well as general queries too. He has a very professional manner and explains things very well, which eased any of the doubts the team may have had.

Cameron Winters, Data Analyst – Strategic Relationship Management

“Cameron delivered over 90% of the systems training and did so with so much energy. He spoke clearly and answered everyone’s questions with an open mind. He was also extremely responsive in implementing a change that was requested by the team. He is also a superstar.”

2021 Lancashire Procurement Awards Round-Up

This year we have been nominated for many awards and quite proudly we even won one of the awards that we were nominated for. So, let's start this round-up with that.

Excellence In Supply Awards

Our Business Improvement Engineer, Simon Bennett, was the winner in a category that consisted of LPC colleagues Beata Dzivuksle and Deborah Bolton as finalists for the NHS Procurement Outstanding Contribution Award, at the NHS in the North Excellence in Supply Award. Click here to see the finalists at this year's awards. 

CIPS Excellence in Procurement Award 
Next up is the CIPS Excellence in Procurement Award, where The LPC was finalists against some strong competitors, for Best Response to Supply Chain Resilience in a Crisis - Public Good. We narrowly lost out to the Cabinet Office's Government Commercial Function for their work - which was the same as what The LPC had done - but on a huge national scale. Vey well deserved for them, to read more about their hard work, click here.

CIPS Excellence in Procurement Award - Special Mention
The overall winners at this event were Vaccine Taskforce for their incredible work to roll out vaccines during the pandemic. In just over eight months the Vaccine Task Force identified, procured and deployed the first vaccines in the world.  Half the UK population have had a vaccine and supplies continue. In addition to successfully tackling what was widely believed to be an unachievable ask within unachievable timescales, the adversities overcome include worldwide material shortages, port closures, Brexit and EU export restrictions. They received a standing ovation from everybody and rightly so. Click here to read about their incredible work 

GO Awards

Finally, the GO Awards. Unfortunately we weren’t winners at these awards. We were a small fish in a pond full of bigger fish – there were organisations such as Ministry of Defence, Department for Work & Pensions, and Northern Care Alliance alongside us in the finals. The mere fact that we got to the finals was incredible. To see everyone that was nominated, click here.


Naila Draper, finished in the top 3 of a procurement event that was held over five days by the Health Care Supply Association (HCSA).

Naila Winner.jpg
Naila Draper (far right) was one of the top 3 at this event. 

The HCSA's Procurement Development Programme (PDP) has been developed for procurement professionals within the NHS. The PDP is focused on obtaining increased value from an individual's procurement activities, ensuring they will also be able to use the most important concepts in procurement and apply these in their work to develop more effective business relationships.

The PDP courses have been designed and developed by experts with a strong background in public service procurement and supply chain management.All participants learnt from trainers who have supplier and contract management experience.

Congratulations to Naila for this great achievement!

Simon Bennett Wins Regional Procurement Award

Our Business Improvement Engineer won an award recently, which recognised his outstanding contributions to Procurement for the three Trusts that we serve.

Our very own Simon Bennett was the winner of NHS Procurement Outstanding Contribution Award at the Excellence In Supply Awards' virtual ceremony on Thursday 23rd September.

The NHS in the North Excellence in Supply Awards 2021 celebrates the development of inspirational collaborations between the health service and its suppliers across the North of England – many prompted by the fight against COVID-19.

  Here's what Simon had to say after winning the award: 

“There were some great competitors and organisations that are larger than us, so I did not think I was going to win this award. However, when the presenter was reading out some of the achievements under my entry, I was quite proud of the work that was being recognised, because it was the result of teamwork across the whole of the Logistics & Supply Chain department.

Simon and Steve 1..JPG

“I’m happy to have raised the profile of Logistics & Supply Chain, as during these events we can easily be overlooked, due to the focus on purchasing/savings element of procurement. This just goes to show that Logistics & Supply Chain is a very important element of procurement. Winning this award would not have been possible without the efforts of every person in the department and all the teams across all Trusts. This achievement is for all of them.”

Because the awards ceremony was held virtually, the award was finally presented to Simon on Wednesday 26th September, outside of Parkview at the ELHT site.

Mike Doyle, Deputy Director of LPC said, “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, is when the hard work that Simon and his team have been doing for many years has really shone through. I’m absolutely delighted for Simon and the whole Logistics & Supply Chain department, it’s 100% well-deserved.”