The Procurement function manage all sourcing and purchasing requirements for our customers, managing approximately £230m of spend annually to ensure the ‘5  rights’ of procurement are achieved:

  • right Quality
  • right Quantity
  • right Place
  • right Time
  • right Price

Our sourcing and purchasing cycles can be summarised as follows:


  • understand requirements and specify
  • category analysis
  • develop strategy
  • tender
  • execute agreement

Purchase to Pay

  • analyse requirements
  • requisition
  • order
  • receive
  • match & pay

The LPC is subject to The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015). 
All purchasing and contracts managed by LPC are subject to NHS terms and conditions.

Quality, value for money and - most importantly - patient care are at the core of everything we do.  Our sourcing and purchase to pay processes are underpinned by our governance and stakeholder engagement processes.  The team operates a dedicated category management approach to ensure in depth expertise on all spend we manage.  This ensures:

  • compliance with customer Standing Financial Instructions and PCR2015
  • consistent delivery of savings year on year 
  • collaboration on projects across the Lancashire and South Cumbria health economy
  • access to quality management information to aid informing decision making
  • we systemically challenge and reduce unwarranted variation

The LPC Procurement team work closely in collaboration with procurement partner organisations including  NHS Supply Chain and the Category Tower Service Providers.  

LPC Procurement Team Structure 14-01-22[1].png

Role Name Email Mobile
Head of Service Kevin Fletcher 07941957820
Senior Procurement Manager - Surgery Paul Stacey 07966407804
Senior Procurement Manager - Non-clinical Roger Dennis 07966418805
Senior Procurement Manager - Pathology Matthew Farmer 07966407813
Senior Procurement Manager - Medicine & Community Julie Rice 07814186864
Procurement Manager - Surgery Beata Dzivulske 07580554992
Procurement Manager - Professional Services Mandy Hanson 07966407811
Procurement Manager - Capital Neil Parkinson 07966407808
Procurement Manager - IT Vicky Gillett 07814187313
Procurement Manager - Estates & Facilities Toshif Vally 07929879717
Clinical Procurement Specialist Andrea Hawkes 07966407826
Clinical Procurement Specialist Deborah Bolton 07966407826
Senior Buyer  Susan Maudsley 07966412425
Senior Buyer Neil Bramhall 07966407805
Senior Buyer Nigel Stoute 07970419198
Senior Buyer John Nelson 07976151269

Senior Buyer

Naila Draper 07709607591
Senior Buyer Julie Gelder 07977267958
Senior Buyer Sarfraz Umerji 07966407806
Senior Buyer Holly Roper 07841187690
Senior Buyer Katie Woods 07966418218
Senior Buyer Mikela Antunovic 01254 733883
Senior Buyer Jack Howarth 07435272124
Lead Buyer Matthew Roche 07970984847
Lead Buyer Alexander Berry 07971758943
Operational Buyer Ruth Yeulett 01254 733883

Operational Buyer

Julie Thompson 01254 733883
Operational Buyer Jake Treacy 01254 733883
Buyer Diana Spiridon 01254 733883
Assistant Buyer Ross Laws 01254 733883
Assistant Buyer Nicola Mills 01254 733883
Assistant Buyer Bethany Ellis 01254 733883
Assistant Buyer Bilkish Bux 01254 733883
Assistant Buyer Neelam Hussain 01254 733883
Apprentice Assistant Buyer Ethan Salmons 01254 733883
Apprentice Assistant Buyer Kate Snape 01254 733883
Apprentice Assistant Buyer Lloyd Fishwick 01254 733883

Procurement Helpdesk for all queries

Tel: 01254 733883

Please get in touch with us at: 

Click here to see our Procurement divisional points of contact

"I am working on multiple strategic projects within surgical theatre environment, working closely with stakeholders across the Integrated Care System (ICS). Some of the key projects relate to efficiencies within clinical procedure pack supply: it's optimization and rationalisation; and supply of cardiology consumables and devices working collaboratively across the region with partner Trusts." - Beata Dzivulske - Procurement Manager, Surgery.


"My focus recently has been on working for the non-clinical team buying goods and services. An example of a current project is sourcing cleaning services for the Estates and Facilities team. This involves assessing the Trust’s needs and a full procurement exercise to deliver a service that brings value for money and delivers social value, whilst ensuring the Trust gets the best quality service.

Recently, I became responsible for 3 new apprentices, and I am currently developing a work plan for them that will cover all the towers within procurement. This has been very challenging as it is my first time leading an apprenticeship programme but also very rewarding as they are a keen group that is eager to contribute and give back to the NHS." - Naila Draper, Senior Buyer.