The Supply Chain and Logistics Function is critical to a high-performing NHS Trust. Having the right stock level, of the right product, means the Trust can perform the necessary procedures, without holding unnecessary products and negatively impacting cash flow; meaning both operational and financial targets can be met.  Good supply chain management practices minimise inventory and costs of inventory ownership whilst maximising inventory availability for consumers. 

The Materials Management service will provide a top up replenishment service on all consumable items by providing the ward/department with a regular order and putting away of goods  to replenish stock to agreed levels. We also provide an enhanced service in some key departments eg. Theatres. Providing a daily top up service of all items whilst managing numerous other stock issues such as, procedure specific picking process to further release clinical time, and Inventory scanning in line with the Scan4Safety initiative. We are pushing forward our processes daily by implementation of a dynamic inventory management system in line with the Scan4safety initiative.

The logistics service ensures a receipt and distribution of all items to the Trust and subsequent timely delivery to location required.  Furthermore we are pushing forward our processes daily by implementation of dynamic inventory management systems in line with the Scan4safety initiative.

The Supply Chain and Logistics function aims to enable the Trusts in the LPC to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ensure that the Trust operates in line with its Standard Financial Instructions covering all aspects of stock management of goods.
  • To drive up standards and improve performance of procurement in line with Lord Carter’s report.
  • To protect the Trust and minimise risks through means of appropriate managerial arrangements.
  • To obtain value for money while providing the best service.
  • To ensure the Trust’s approach to inventory management provides the maximum benefit in terms of requisitioning, shrinkage, waste, disposals and product recalls.
  • To provide standardisation of goods and traceability of usage.
  • To improve patient care by ensuring all goods used are fit for purpose and meet quality standards.
  • To ensure products are available for treatment of patients with minimal clinical effort.
  • To drive towards compliancy to Scan4Safety initiative.


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"Currently, I am working on the implementation of an inventory management system with point of care recording, in line with Scan 4 Safety principles.  The initial implementation was focused on ELHT Theatres but we are now beginning to look to expand this project and use the learnings we have gained from the one site to affect our supply chain and logistics function across the three Trusts that the LPC serve.  We are continually striving to improve our stock top up and receipt and distribution service to the Trusts, so that we can provide a better service to all the areas we serve. We are exploring new processes and technology and aiming to standardise that process as much as we can across the three Trusts.

With Covid-19 and the PPE requirements still being in place I oversee the processes and smooth working of our consolidated PPE hub to ensure all our Trust staff have the essential PPE required.  Whilst also offering logistical support to the vaccination and LAMP programmes." - Simon Bennett, Business Improvement Engineer.

Scan4Safety is a pioneering initiative that is enabling the delivery of better patient care, improved clinical productivity and supply chain efficiency in the NHS.  It has also been identified as a key objective within the Carter report. The DOH states “Effective operational performance and management hinges on information. Scan4Safety has provided leading NHS trusts with data that now underpins better decision making and improved operational performance”

This relies on using GS1 and PEPPOL standards to identify every Product, Patient, Place, and Process

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  • Patient - Improving safety, improving care.
  • Place - Everything trackable, everything traceable
  • Product - Everyhing recorded, everything accounted for
  • Process - Simplifying processes, releasing time to care

We aim to progress the deployment of a Scan4Safety with Inventory management system within all our Trust which would allow us, using the procedure list process, to associate product to patient, providing tracking and traceability of all consumable and implanted items. The basis of any system requires identification, barcoding and control of inventory which are all precursors to starting and delivering Scan4Safety.  Ultimately the implementation of the system and associated financial controls will allow the Trusts to not only meet its mandated requirements but to develop patient level costing on the real time basis utilising the functionality of procedure cards.

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