The LPC is hosted by East Lancashire NHS Trust. We are fully aligned and committed to the aims and objectives of the trust on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. The trust has developed a strategy and action plan to enable us to meet our diversity and inclusion aims. These are:

  • We want to make it easy for people to access our services
  • We want everyone to be treated with dignity, respect, empathy and compassion
  • We want to recruit and retain our staff from all diverse communities
  • We want our staff to be empowered, engaged and have a sense of belonging
  • We want to ensure better health outcomes for all.
  • We want to ensure there is Inclusive leadership at all levels

We want our workforce to be more representative of all sections of society at all levels in the organisation. The range of perspectives and experience diversity brings is an asset to our organisation and we want to create an inclusive environment, for visitors and all those who work at the LPC. We recognise that different people have different needs and we aim to support and identify these.