Publish date: 6 December 2023

The annual HCSA Winter Conference is usually an extremely exciting time for procurement professionals in the healthcare industry. This year, the conference focused on “One NHS Procurement and Supply Chain” and how the NHS will continue to deliver via new and innovative ways to meet the unprecedented challenges we face and continuing to ensure the NHS is able to deliver a quality service that meets the needs and expectations of all our patients. Each year the LPC has a large presence there and we actively encourage our team to participate and engage, with this year being no different.

Events like these are few and far between and it offers us a great opportunity to network with a wide array of procurement professionals from all over the country., which is a great way to learn, develop contacts and share best practices with each other. There is also a great opportunity to listen to the very best in leadership from across the healthcare procurement professionals through a number of interactive talks over the two days.

Another important element of the HCSA Winter Conference is the Gala Awards Event that takes place - which celebrates the incredible achievements of our fellow procurement professionals across the country!

This year, we had our very own Tosh Vally nominated for an award for the Excellence in Procurement category. and we were all delighted to see him receive the Highly Commended award for this category. For the LPC to have recognition at such a prestigious event and for Tosh and his great work to also be recognised is wonderful to see.