The Strategic Relationship Management (SRM) team forms an important part of the procurement and supply chain cycle.  Our role is to ensure that our contracts deliver the terms agreed and pursue opportunities through stronger alliances with our stakeholders.  SRM allows us the opportunity to utilise our resources to drive continuous improvements for the patients we serve.  

Operational requirements are undertaken in a manner that allows us to improve the terms of our relationships with our stakeholders and to focus in on partnerships across our supply chain. Strategic Relationship Management allows us the opportunity to utilise our resources to drive continuous improvements for the stakeholders we serve.  A can-do culture of our team is important in order to realise the benefits of strong relationships.

Strategic Relationship Management aims and goals are to maximise taxpayers’ value for money by working in partnership with our stakeholders, to produce positive outcomes and deliver opportunities.  Such outcomes will be underpinned by strong due diligence and governance processes that will form part of the agreed objectives and Key Performance Indicators.

Role Name Email Phone
Head of Service - SRM Paul Barrett-Hill 07976151301
Senior SRM Manager Philip Johns 07814187534
SRM & Contracts Manager Sandra Cockell 07966407807
SRM & Contracts Manager Louise Riley  07528875546 
SRM & Contracts Manager Lucia Clark 07714619500

"We have been negotiating savings for our Trusts through good contract management processes. Working with the New Hospitals Programme to support new suppliers coming into the project – with the end goal of building a new hospital in Lancashire.

Aside from that we’re proactively managing service providers across the three Trusts we serve, while also reactively managing any issues. Out of 6000 suppliers, we’re currently proactively managing 100 of them – this includes people providing services by coming on-site – whilst reactively resolving issues with the remainder" - Paul Barrett-Hill, Head of Service - SRM.


"I am working with the Procurement Category Leads, Service Users & Suppliers to identify contracts (within my portfolio i.e. Pathology, Medical & Surgery) that may require SRM support and establishing relationships to ensure the contract runs smoothly, in line with specification, KPI's and the value of which the contract was awarded.  

I'm also currently working with the New Hospitals Programme team. My role in this involves attending monthly contract meetings with both the programme team and appointed suppliers, and providing ad-hoc support as and when requested, to ensure the agreed deliverables are being met and the scope of work is being fulfilled. 

As well as the above, I'm responsible for in-year savings delivery. Two key initiatives are Supplier Zero Inflation Programme and maximising savings through the NHS Spend & Comparison Price Benchmarking Service" - Louise Riley, SRM Contracts Manager.

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