Simon Bennett Wins Regional Procurement Award

Our Business Improvement Engineer won an award recently, which recognised his outstanding contributions to Procurement for the three Trusts that we serve.

Our very own Simon Bennett was the winner of NHS Procurement Outstanding Contribution Award at the Excellence In Supply Awards' virtual ceremony on Thursday 23rd September.

The NHS in the North Excellence in Supply Awards 2021 celebrates the development of inspirational collaborations between the health service and its suppliers across the North of England – many prompted by the fight against COVID-19.

  Here's what Simon had to say after winning the award: 

“There were some great competitors and organisations that are larger than us, so I did not think I was going to win this award. However, when the presenter was reading out some of the achievements under my entry, I was quite proud of the work that was being recognised, because it was the result of teamwork across the whole of the Logistics & Supply Chain department.

Simon and Steve 1..JPG

“I’m happy to have raised the profile of Logistics & Supply Chain, as during these events we can easily be overlooked, due to the focus on purchasing/savings element of procurement. This just goes to show that Logistics & Supply Chain is a very important element of procurement. Winning this award would not have been possible without the efforts of every person in the department and all the teams across all Trusts. This achievement is for all of them.”

Because the awards ceremony was held virtually, the award was finally presented to Simon on Wednesday 26th September, outside of Parkview at the ELHT site.

Mike Doyle, Deputy Director of LPC said, “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, is when the hard work that Simon and his team have been doing for many years has really shone through. I’m absolutely delighted for Simon and the whole Logistics & Supply Chain department, it’s 100% well-deserved.”